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Vabilo na predavanje “Diversification and adaptation of bacterial populations in soil fostered by horizontal transfer of plasmids”, prof. dr. Kornelia Smalla

Vljudno vabljeni na predavanje z naslovom “Diversification and adaptation of bacterial populations in soil fostered by horizontal transfer of plasmids”, predavateljica prof Kornelia Smalla (Julius Kühn-Institut – Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (JKI), Dept. Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics, Braunschweig, Nemčija).

Predavanje bo v ponedeljek, 23.4. 2012 ob 9:00 v predavalnici B2, Biološko središče, Večna pot 111


It is increasingly recognized that the transfer of conjugative plasmids across species boundaries plays a vital role in the adaptability of bacterial populations in soil. There are specific driving forces and constraints of plasmid transfer within bacterial communities in soils. Plasmid-mediated genetic variation allowed rapid adaptive responses to challenges like irregular antibiotic or metal concentrations, or opportunities like the utilization of xenobiotic compounds. Cultivation-independent detection and capture of plasmids from soil bacteria, and complete sequencing provided new insights into their role and ecology. Broad-host-range plasmids like those belonging to IncP-1 transfer a wealth of accessory functions which are carried by similar plasmid backbones. Plasmids with a narrower host range can be more specifically adapted to particular species and often transfer genes which complement chromosomally encoded functions. Plasmids seem to be an ancient and successful strategy to ensure survival of a soil population in spatial and temporal heterogeneous conditions with various environmental stresses or opportunities, that occur irregularly or as a novel challenge in soil.

Vabi  Prof. Mandić-Mulec, Katedra za mikrobiologijo- Biotehniška fakulteta  in Slovensko mikrobiološko društvo.

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