Vabilo na predavanje prof. dr. Jureta Piškurja, 19.3. 2012

Vljudno vabljeni na predavanje prof. dr. Jureta Piškurja z naslovom Comparative genomics.


Predavanje bo v ponedeljek, 19.3. 2012 ob 11:00 v predavalnici B4, Biološko središče, Večna pot 111


Povzetek predavanja:

The first bacterial genome was elucidated in 1995 and the first eukaryote one in 1996. Now every year the sequence of a hundred of new bacterial genomes and tens of eukaryote genomes are elucidated and becomes available for public and for research. These data represent an enormous and potentially growing data and tool reservoir.

Prof. Piškur will address questions like: How can I access these valuable data to improve a set of my research tools? How can I “browse” a genome to improve my knowledge of a certain organism?  How can I use these data to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships among target organisms, and how I can use genomic data to reconstruct the organism evolutionary history?

He will talk about the above topics and illustrate them with his laboratory pet: yeast. He will focus on his recent Nature Communication paper ( but also on his recent and unpublished results focusing on genome analysis of wine yeast, and the evolutionary history of the yeast ability to produce ethanol as a tool to out-compete other microbes.